[Free-RTC Discuss] FOSDEM 2020 RTC devroom and Coronavirus

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Jan 29 14:51:56 GMT 2020

For the RTC devroom at FOSDEM: if some speakers don't want to come, are
we willing to accept videos of their talk?

I don't speak for the rest of the admins, but from my personal
perspective I would be willing to accept that.  Moreover, I might choose
not to come myself and would offer a short video of 5-10 minutes as a
substitute so please be aware I have a conflict of interest with my own

Furthermore, if somebody decides not to travel, they do not need to give
a reason if they are sick or if they are simply avoiding the risk.  That
is a private choice for each speaker and we won't be judgmental about
people who don't give a reason.

If some speakers do offer us videos or remote participation, it can
create extra work for the person who normally coordinates the room and
introduces speakers.  It might be helpful to have a couple of extra
volunteers who only focus on moderating the sessions with remote speakers.



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