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Hello Kralj,

To get Echo Cancellation with any sound card, note that PulseAudio 
already integrates the WebRTC AEC algorithms: 

Regarding Hardware DSP based things, i am myself very interested in 
developing such a thing and did some research into viable options. 
Unfortunately, all the chip manufacturers with interesting DSPs try to 
keep their AEC firmware blob as an up-sell option.

XMOS at least provides a free (as in beer) license for their AEC 
algorithm with their silicon products, as used in 
https://www.crowdsupply.com/antimatter-research/acusis , but it still 
remains a proprietary blob.

Also, if anyone is interested in maintaining the 
libwebrtc-audio-processing library, and/or providing a more easy C 
interface for embedded projects, please contact me.


Am 2019-03-11 15:46, schrieb Kralj Karlo:
> Daniel:
>> Have you considered running an open source sip phone app on a small...
> Saúl:
>>  ... computer that would be in the room, attached to a TV and
>> some speaker / microphone device, and then connect the room to a Jitsi
>> Meet conference.
> Daniel and Saúl, this is exactly what I want.
> How I prevent feedback when I have a microphone next to a speaker?
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