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Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 10:29:48 GMT 2019

On 11.03.19 11:07, karlo at klarinet.osamsb.hr wrote:
> I have in fact been using SIP on a Snom phone. This is not what
> I seek; rather, I want to use other hardware or at least a different
> operating system.
> The immediate prompt for me to do this is that I find it difficult
> to configure and debug the phone from its web interface and that
> I find the contacts management to be far worse than what I have
> on my personal computer. (And this has been the case for me with other
> SIP phones.) Rather than learning to program the phone appliance,
> I think it is more productive for me to add the necessary sound stuff
> to a relatively ordinary personal computer, and to use the same
> softphone and contacts managers that I usually use.
> Moreover, the ease of modifying the software is worthwhile for its
> own sake, as smalls problem like this almost always comes up.

Have you considered running an open source sip phone app on a small
device like raspberry pi or even an android tablet? On android, you can
get termux to install a lot of linux tools that can help in case you
need network layer troubleshooting. These devices can be connected with
preferred external mic or speakers.


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