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Florian Feichtinger florian at wonder.me
Mon Apr 26 15:27:10 BST 2021

Hey folks!

This is Flo from Wonder.me - Pleasure to meet you all 🤗

Together with Sean DuBois (@_pion), I am organising a WebRTC unConference on May 18th and would like to personally invite you to join the discussion about our bright browser-based future.

➡️  Register here

If you haven't experienced the off-beat and collaborative setting of an unConference - you're in for a fun time 😃 Would be amazing to see some of your faces there :)

🔥 Some folks we've got on board already:

• Feross Aboukhadijeh (Creator of WebTorrent, Standard JS & +100 Open-source projects)
• Sean DuBois (Creator of PION & author of WebRTC For The Curious)
• Tim Panton (with a really fun session)
• Dan Jenkins (Organizer of CommCon)
• Lorenzo Miniero (meetecho)

Stay well & Best from cloudy Berlin


Florian Feichtinger
Open Culture Activist at Wonder.me

florian at wonder.me | +491702997938


Join our WebRTC unConference on May 18th!
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