[Free-RTC Discuss] Coronavirus: emergency RTC solutions for conferences/speakers

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Wed Jan 29 14:53:38 GMT 2020

Some conferences have recently been cancelled[1] because of Coronavirus

Imagine if a major event like FOSDEM decided to cancel at the last
minute or if 20% of speakers decide not to come because they had flu
symptoms or concern about the risk.  Similar things could happen because
of transport failures, like the 2010 Iceland volcano that grounded[2]
all air traffic in Europe.

Could a Free RTC system be activated at short notice to try and run some
of the talks anyway?

I realize RTC systems don't always work and they are not the same as
real-world participation, but in a situation where it is either RTC or
nothing and where the speakers accept the risk of technical issues, are
there any practical tips people would like to share?

Here is probably the most basic strategy:

- speakers can pre-record their talk, to be displayed in the room if
some people do attend,

- at the end of playing the video, they fall back to Jitsi Meet for Q&A,

- in case Jitsi Meet fails, the Q&A is recorded with a device in the
room, even if it is just a mobile phone recording and the recording can
be sent to the speaker for review.  The speaker can (video)blog their
response to any questions.

Any tips are welcome: for example, easiest way to pre-record a talk with
the speaker's face and some desktop sharing or a list of free software
tools you would use in this situation.

Please don't use this thread to discuss the virus itself: even if they
find a vaccination or cure tomorrow, we could have the same situation
with another disease/volcano/whatever next year and any strategies that
people develop will be useful.



1. https://lists.fosdem.org/pipermail/fosdem/2020q1/003043.html

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