[Free-RTC Discuss] maintaining a calendar of FreeRTC events

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Sun Feb 2 22:10:25 GMT 2020

On 28/10/2019 10:08, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> There are many great events throughout the year, some of those that come
> to mind are listed in a separate thread I started:
> https://lists.freertc.org/pipermail/discuss/2019-October/000023.html
> I've manually created an icalendar file that people can follow at
>     https://freertc.org/events.ics
> The aim is to include both the event (VEVENT object) and also the CFP
> deadline (VTODO object).  I've included the FOSDEM CFP deadline, I need
> to tweak it to add the reminder attributes.
> Can you please try adding the URL to your calendar and tell us if you
> see both the events and task deadline?
> I've also been thinking about ways to automate updates to this iCalendar
> feed so you will not have to manually copy events to your calendars,
> here are some ideas:
> a) people manually edit the events.ics file in Git and I setup a cron
> job to periodically copy it to the web server
> b) people use any tool they prefer to create events as iCalendar files
> and commit them to a Git repository with pull requests.  We use some
> tool/script to concatenate them into a single file for the web server.
> c) we ask people to put events in agendadulibre.org and tag them (sip,
> xmpp, webrtc, ...) and we run some script to automatically extract all
> the tagged events into a file freertc.org/events.ics, maybe one of the
> scripts mentioned in (d)
> d) we run a script that polls iCalendar files from different sources
> (e.g. from fosdem.org, XSF, ...) and merges them into a single feed.
> Scripts like this already exist:
> https://github.com/davorg/mergecal
> https://github.com/mionisation/icsMerge
> Has anybody tried any of those scripts already?
> Can anybody suggest other events to include (please reply to the other
> thread)?
> Does anybody have any preference for agendadulibre.org, grical.org or
> any other site?  Even better, does anybody have any script to replicate
> an event across all those sites?
> To create the initial events.ics I simply did the following:
> search online tool for creating iCalendar:
> https://duckduckgo.com/?q=icalendar+generator&t=ffab&ia=web
> filled in the form
> copy and paste the output into a file on my web server:
>   https://freertc.org/events.ics

Here are some more links


We had a wider discussion in Debian, there is a wiki page about it,
there is a subsection about scraping event data:


and some students worked on related topics



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