[Free-RTC Discuss] maintaining a calendar of FreeRTC events

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Mon Oct 28 09:08:18 GMT 2019

There are many great events throughout the year, some of those that come
to mind are listed in a separate thread I started:

I've manually created an icalendar file that people can follow at


The aim is to include both the event (VEVENT object) and also the CFP
deadline (VTODO object).  I've included the FOSDEM CFP deadline, I need
to tweak it to add the reminder attributes.

Can you please try adding the URL to your calendar and tell us if you
see both the events and task deadline?

I've also been thinking about ways to automate updates to this iCalendar
feed so you will not have to manually copy events to your calendars,
here are some ideas:

a) people manually edit the events.ics file in Git and I setup a cron
job to periodically copy it to the web server

b) people use any tool they prefer to create events as iCalendar files
and commit them to a Git repository with pull requests.  We use some
tool/script to concatenate them into a single file for the web server.

c) we ask people to put events in agendadulibre.org and tag them (sip,
xmpp, webrtc, ...) and we run some script to automatically extract all
the tagged events into a file freertc.org/events.ics, maybe one of the
scripts mentioned in (d)

d) we run a script that polls iCalendar files from different sources
(e.g. from fosdem.org, XSF, ...) and merges them into a single feed.
Scripts like this already exist:

Has anybody tried any of those scripts already?

Can anybody suggest other events to include (please reply to the other

Does anybody have any preference for agendadulibre.org, grical.org or
any other site?  Even better, does anybody have any script to replicate
an event across all those sites?

To create the initial events.ics I simply did the following:

search online tool for creating iCalendar:
filled in the form
copy and paste the output into a file on my web server:



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